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Our Team

We believe in every member ministry, so our team is actually everyone who calls Croydon Vineyard their home.  Through them we are working as Jesus’ representatives in the hospitals, offices, houses and shops of South London, seeking to bring God’s world to life.

To help our team do this, we have the following Key Leaders

Tom and Lesley Thompson are employed 4 days a week as Senior Pastors

Phil and Caroline Greaves are employed 2 days a week as Community Pastors, overseeing our work in Croydon Town

Sarah Gandy oversees our Vineyard Kids and Vineyard Tots ministries for 0-11s.

Sal de Almeida oversees our Alyve ministry to 11-18s.

Hannah and Phil Merriman oversee our worship and songwriting teams.

Andy Brims helps oversee our welcoming teams.

Here is a quick video of how we ended up in Croydon:



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