New 6pm service starting January 7th

We’re taking a big next step on our adventure of playing our part in bringing Croydon to life…

On January 7th we’re starting a new 6pm service and you’re invited!

It’ll have the same vision and values as the morning, along with the opportunity to experiment with how we do things. We’re excited about it.

If you’d like more information, or want to get involved, you can email

Courses at CV

THE ALPHA COURSE The fantastic Alpha film series which enables you to explore the meaning of life in a friendly, easy way. All welcome, especially if you have opinions or questions! There are two Alpha courses running this term – Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoons.

The Tuesday evenings sessions will start on Tues 23 Jan to Tues 27 March. A tasty dinner will be provided each week. To sign up follow this link –

The Wednesday afternoon sessions will start on Wed 24th Jan and run till Wed 28th March. For more details and to sign up follow this link –


LIFE OF PAUL COURSEThis is a 10 week course running Tuesday evenings from 23 Jan – 28 March, it is pitched at Christians who want to develop their understanding of the New Testament; for moving from ‘milk’ to ‘solid food’. A brilliant chance to sit back, relax and soak up all you need to know about the Apostle Paul, his letters, why he wrote them and what he wanted his readers to get out of them.  For more details and to sign up follow this link –

This is a 7 week course running from Thursday 8 February to Thursday 22 March. 7 sessions for couples of all ages and stages to invest in their relationship in a warm and encouraging environment. Each week DVD input will help you look at different aspects of your partnership, enabling you to think through things such as communication, resolving conflicts, good sex etc. All discussion is within the couple and there is no group sharing so you can be assured that you won’t be asked to disclose anything to anyone else! Numbers are very restricted to ensure this safe and private feel of the course is protected. For more info and to sign up follow this link –